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Forever Always I’m Trusting Him

 By Winn Freeman:

So Jesus said to them, “Because of your unbelief; for assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you. Matthew 17:20

Have you ever woke up with that knot of fear right in the pit of your stomach followed with what if questions? At that moment if I’m not careful my mind quickly races with images of fear and impending doom. It’s at that time that I must choose to muster up everything that I can and remind myself of the great miracles in my past and what God has said in His word. Been there done that?

“I recently woke up one morning dragging physically and mentally. My sugar was high and my mood was low, but not for long because Galatians 6:9 came to mind. “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” I’m telling you that the only thing that gives purpose and finality to my life is my faith in God and His word. He can pick me up in a moment when nothing else matters.

“Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.” Psalm 27:14
Like you, we’re at a great time for God to show up and answer our prayers. We need a financial miracle! We’ve done everything that we know to do! But, God exists and operates on a different scale than we do. That means that what seems like an eternity to us is just a moment to God. When it seems like God is being slow to act, we’re called to wait patiently for God to act in His own time.

Taken from the Autobiography of George Muller:
With every fresh trial, faith either increases by trusting God and getting help, or it decreases by not trusting Him…If we trust in God, we do not trust in ourselves, our fellowmen, circumstances, or in anything else. If we do trust in one or more of these, we do not trust in God.

If we desire our faith to be strengthened, we should not shrink from opportunities where our faith may be tried. The more I am in a position to be tried in faith, the more I will have the opportunity of seeing God’s help and deliverance.

When a trial of faith comes, we are naturally inclined to distrust God and to trust in ourselves, in our friends, or in circumstances. We would rather work a deliverance of our own than simply look to God and wait for His help. But if we do not patiently wait for God’s help or if we work deliverance of our own, then at the next trial of our faith we will have the same problem. We will again be inclined to try and deliver ourselves.

God will prove His willingness to help and deliver at the perfect time…All difficulties may be overcome by acting according to the Word of God.

I want to remind our team and our supporters to move beyond our feelings and rid ourselves of all negative inner voices that are contrary to what God has said in His word. Recognize that we serve a great God! Let our conversation be words that lift up our possibilities and potential in Jesus. Let us encourage each other to move forward in anticipation of great challenges and many victories that are before us today and tomorrow.

I continue to personally pray for each of you knowing that God is the only one who can give us the peace we need in difficult times. We’re not in this just for the temporal gain; we’re in this for what is to come after this life and we must press on to the end. I hope that you will be refreshed with new vigor and excitement as we continue to push forward in faith with what He has given us to do!

Thank you again and know that I appreciate each one of you. Your gifts and prayers enable us to continue to invest and plant seeds into the lives of individuals and families who are imprisoned by addiction.

“And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”
Even when I don’t understand, it’s my faith that always gets me through!

Let’s keep looking up,


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Why do we need Wisdom in Living Life Ministry?

Recently I was asked this question again, “Why do we need Wisdom in Living Life Ministry?” I paused briefly, not because the question was asked but, because of the underlying thought process that had obviously prompted the question: Why do we need a ministry that reaches out to those “imprisoned by addiction?”  After all, we have hospitals, drug abuse programs; government funded detox and rehab facilities, and licensed counseling services.  What, then, would a Christian ministry have to offer beyond what others already have established? READ MORE>>>

Why Wisdom In Living Life Ministry Is Filling A Need In The Upstate


Why Wisdom In Living Life Ministry Is Filling A Need In The UpstateThe statistics don’t lie. Linked below are some key statistics that affect all of us in one way or another. Wisdom In Living Life Ministry is filling a major need that our community so desperately is searching for; solid answers addressing the drug epidemic. We often think of missions as being something that happens in a distant land. The Upstate is our mission field. Preventing youth from ever falling into the snare of addiction is our calling. Helping those trapped by substance abuse is what we do. READ MORE>>>

The Four Cornerstones of Wisdom In Living Life Ministry

The Four Cornerstones of Wisdom In Living Life Ministry

Every structure needs to be built on a solid foundation to be a sound structure. In 1 Corinthians, the Apostle Paul speaks of our lives in builders terms.  In 1 Corinthians, the Apostle Paul speaks of our lives in builders terms.   In 1 Corinthians 3:11 Paul says “For no one can lay a foundation other than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.” We follow that principle in that, to build a healthy and addiction free life, your life must be built on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ.


What Makes Us Unique?

What Makes Us Unique?Simply put…

At Wisdom In Living Life Ministry, we educate, equip and empower God’s people to effectively reach those imprisoned by addiction. In doing so, we address the issue for what it is; sin and not a disease. We do not follow the disease-model of most recovery programs.  The disease is in our hearts rather than in our bodies. We believe that genuine freedom can only be found in Christ.


What About Greenville, SC?

What About Greenville, SC?

Many people are unaware of the seriousness of addiction and abuse of alcohol and drugs.  This problem is widespread in large communities and small.  So, what about Greenville, South Carolina?  The facts in this article reveal that, in our own city, addiction is destroying lives and costing untold misery to individuals, their families, and all who know and care about the addict.

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